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Envision Graphic Design offers affordable, forward-thinking brand solutions to entrepreneurs through graphic design, web-design, and printing products. We make your brand stand out on your terms.


We will equip you with an invaluable set of branding tools to help grow your business, whether you're starting from scratch, looking to re-brand, or building on an existing brand. We aim to build a meaningful and prosperous relationships with you from day one.


Effective branding can be one of the most daunting tasks a small business has to contend with, especially because it can be so easy to misfire. It’s one thing to have an amazing idea in your head – it’s quite another to translate that idea into reality. That’s where our team excels. You envision it, we make it happen. We aren’t your typical design company, interested in cashing out at the expense of your vision. We are a team of talented designers, illustrators, and printing experts, and we understand the value of a strong brand image that effectively communicates your vision. Remember...


It’s not just about designing your logo, it’s about designing your future.


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Greg Evenden




Greg Evenden is the owner of Envision Graphic Design. He’s obsessed with brand development. Being an entrepreneur himself, he understands what entrepreneurs are looking for when it comes to effectively branding their businesses, i.e. something that doesn't sacrifice quality, stands out from the competition, and that doesn't break the bank. Greg coordinates a team of innovative designers, illustrators, and printing experts, capable of getting the job done on time, while exceeding customer and industry standards. Contact him to see how he can help make your brand stand out on your terms.


Email: greg.evenden@envisiongraphicdesign.ca

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/envisiongd